What people say

I had such a noticeable change in myself between my first and last sessions. In fact, I can say that I was totally transformed. 
— Veronica

Working with Penny was a brilliant, life-altering experience. TRTP was new to me; initially, I thought it was only for people that had experienced major trauma in their lives, not my minor issues by comparison. The sessions helped me understand that those 'minor' things were actually major things. Importantly, now with more awareness around these issues, Penny helped me work through this, leaving me in a much calmer, more understanding and forgiving state. The process is easy, safe and relaxed. Penny is awesome at what she does too! I feel like I’m no longer carrying so much 'stuff' around with me, life is lighter and easier now. Thank you so much Penny, keep doing what you do!




Thank you Penny for offering such a safe, compassionate, uplifting and loving space for me as we journeyed together through the three TRTP sessions! It was an absolute pleasure to work with you. 

I had such a noticeable change in myself between my first and last sessions. In fact, I can say that I was totally transformed. The TRTP work assisted me to rise out of a strong depression and to regain my hope and enthusiasm for the future. I am feeling more confident and at peace within myself and know that I deserve the best for my life and my future. I am able to feel more centred in my day to day and feel a sense of connection to my inner essence, to who I really am! 

I would say that my power of manifestation has increased in speed and in imagination too. I believe this is because I now know what I deserve and am open to receiving it. 

Since the sessions I have received repeated commentary about how well, or radiant I am looking also. 

I loved that this work targets outdated beliefs that have contributed to the manifestations of trauma in one's life without rehashing those traumatising experiences. TRTP releases well ingrained and outdated patterns of fear and limitation and raises your vibration to a place where you can begin to create the life you truly dream of. 

A very beautiful experience for me indeed! Thanks again Penny. With love Veronica. 



The TRTP sessions were amazing and insightful. For me the process increased my mental clarity and my ability to remain grounded. My baseline anxiety decreased over that period of time. Penny was a warm and beautiful presence to guide me through my hypnosis. It is a truly wonderful technique. Love Lauran.



I didn’t know what to expect before trying TRTP. I felt very comfortable during the sessions with Penny and I found the experience really peaceful. I came out of the process feeling really empowered in myself, in my new role as a CEO and in my life. I would recommend anybody thinking of trying TRTP to go for it. You may not fully understand it but you will come out of this a better person.


I birthed my son a couple of months later and my goodness, I was so incredibly calm, confident, and in control the entire labour.

I was pregnant with my second child at the time that I did the TRTP process with Penny and had moved to a new area about a year before. I was finding it difficult to integrate with the new community and had not made any friends. Despite my efforts to connect with people, I just couldn't seem to find any kindred spirits. I was also anxious about the impending birth. I shook in fear throughout my first birth which was long and painful so I wanted a different experience the second time around. I was also worried about how family life might be after the birth of my second child. I was generally feeling unsure of myself, sad, lonely, and anxious, and I was bracing myself for chaos.

My experience of TRTP with Penny was truly profound. Not only did I feel an immediate shift within my myself, I noticed the changes unfold powerfully in the months to follow. I immediately felt lighter, poised and full of confidence. The technique Penny used to address past traumas was gentle, empowering and non-traumatic. She provided a wonderful safe space for true transformation. 

I birthed my son a couple of months later and my goodness, I was so incredibly calm, confident, and in control the entire labour. I knew in every part of my being that I could do it without any help. Not only that, but I did it with love in my heart, not fear. Absolutely no fear. What a gift to myself and my son. During one of the sessions with Penny, I visualised how I wanted my life to look like in the months after my son was born. I was blown away when life turned out exactly as I had imagined! Home life was incredibly peaceful. It just blissfully flowed with harmony. There was peace, there was love and there was confidence. I also suddenly found a beautiful supportive and like-minded group of friends and I really started to feel a part of the community. After the work Penny did with me, I feel confident, integrated and full of life. I am so grateful for my experience with her and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to make lasting changes in their life. Go for it. You'll never look back!



Penny, I just wanted to really thank you :) I feel A LOT better! This has gently but surely transformed the way I feel, the way I see myself, the way I approach life...I have become more confident, happy with who I am and more relaxed. 

You are very flexible and I appreciate you working with me to understand what really triggers me and how you can help me personally. I would highly recommend your services... I am writing this after three sessions and I feel SO MUCH better. It is a combination of a lot of things and I can feel the difference in my entire body and in my mind!

Thank you, MERCI! xx



I found TRTP both enlightening and energising. I was surprised at the content which came up from my past and the extent to which it seemed to be blocking my progression in life.

Since my TRTP sessions I feel more open to people, I feel I am kinder, more understanding and compassionate. I have more confidence dealing with the emotions of everyday situations and I have let go of many blockages in my past - which gives me a sense of freedom.

As a result, I feel more confident about my future. I feel that I am able to achieve more with less effort - or that my achievements are effortless - I don't feel that I am struggling through life as much.

I found Penny to be very caring and sensitive, nurturing and calm. I would also encourage anyone thinking of doing this to speak with Penny and others who have undergone the process.




I’ve found the TRTP experience to be easy, effortless, relaxing, gentle and nurturing.

My boundaries feel so much clearer now. I’m not willing to take shit from anyone, and I’ve noticed that everyone is being really nice to me! Overall, I feel lighter and less burdened.

I feel very confident about my future. I know that I have everything within me to be and do whatever it is that I choose to in my life.

Through these sessions, I found Penny to be supportive, encouraging and nurturing. I really felt like she had my best interests at heart and was invested in me breaking through old stuff to reach a far better place in my life.

I think the world would be a profoundly different place if everyone undertook this process. You can literally change your life in 3 weeks, remove blocks and old beliefs that keep us acting in outdated ways and allowing us then to be able to act from a fresh, clean and clear perspective.

If someone were to ask me if this is right for them, I would say, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain. I’ve seen this process, as facilitated by Penny, work wonders for a myriad of different people with different challenges. You get out what you put in and as long as you are committed to working with Penny and the process, there doesn’t seem to be anyone or anything that can’t experience transformation.



Penny, I can't thank you enough for our TRTP sessions which were very beautiful. I really enjoyed the guided visualisation and was surprised by some of the images and messages that came to me. Over those sessions I felt myself grow in power and my self-image start to change for the better, something I've been very critical of as I gained weight in recent years. Since our sessions I feel calmer and more at ease. I have even noticed that I've lost a bit of weight! I would highly recommend this to anyone looking to put their past pains behind them and feel more comfortable and empowered in themselves and in life. Thank you Penny x



Penny Grandy has been a very special person these past few weeks. With her help, support, knowledge and understanding of my situation, I now feel different not only in myself but in the way I view others. I can’t begin to explain how I feel but will say that I am much better for having listened to Penny and being able to take this step forward with her. I felt I needed the push towards a better life for myself, leaving the one behind which was spiralling out of control, believe me. 

Having said this I would recommend the program to anyone who may take it upon themselves to improve the way they think, react and feel and most of all understand that a problem can be solved with a bit of time and effort by someone else’s forethought.

I have been more than pleased with this outcome. I feel… how can I say - totally better and free - and I can express myself and my feelings which I think before I used to perhaps keep inside. It is well worth the effort and I would recommend this process to anyone in a heartbeat.