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Finally, there's a quick and empowering way to deal with emotional trauma-related issues like anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, fears & phobias.


Hi! I'm Penny, an emotional release therapist based in Brisbane. I don't know about you but I reached a point mid-way through my life where I wondered, "Oh God, is this how my life is going to turn out?". It was not how I imagined things when I was a younger woman. Wasn't I supposed to be happy? What happened to my dreams? Despite my beautiful family and successful career, my life had been full of let downs, betrayals and painful memories that seemed difficult to shake. I felt anxious, depressed and my inner daily world was filled with turmoil, which I now understand was caused by early-life emotional traumas.

What happened next is a BIG story but I'll tell you I began a slow, expensive and arduous road to wellbeing and happiness. My life is VERY different now - it's great. I feel relaxed, healthy, empowered and totally excited about my life. And I am SO passionate about helping others to find their own version of happiness an EASIER, QUICKER and MORE AFFORDABLE WAY! That's why when I came across the incredible The Richards Trauma Process, a MASSIVE light bulb came on. It can change lives by resolving emotional trauma and trauma-related symptoms in as little as three sessions, gently and effectively. Watch my video here to find out more....


Working with Penny was a brilliant, life altering experience.

Learn how The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP) could change your life from Peace Passion Power Founder, Penelope Grandy.


What is The Richards Trauma Process?

TRTP is a totally unique therapeutic process created by the extraordinary Australian trauma therapist, Judith Richards. It is an elegantly simple, yet comprehensive, step-by-step process which resolves extreme emotional trauma and trauma-related issues such as anxiety, stress, depression, fears, phobias and PTSD in as little as three sessions.

TRTP is safe, gentle, consistent, long-lasting and drug-free. Unlike some therapies, during TRTP clients are NEVER re-traumatised by delving back into the situations that created their issue. And most people experience significant results after the very first session!

I had such a noticeable change in myself between my first and last sessions. In fact, I can say that I was totally transformed.

Are you experiencing emotional trauma?