Meet Penny


Hi! I'm Penny, an emotional release and trauma hypnotherapist. Perhaps like you, I've experienced quite a successful career with my own large national businesses and executive roles in fashion, events and franchising. But as a young woman, while my life looked pretty picture perfect on the outside with a husband, lovely home and two young daughters, I was suffering from incredible anxiety, depression and stress on the inside.


While I loved my family and my business, the truth was most days I woke up feeling enormous pressure and an absolute dread of keeping up appearances and having to get through another day. I was plagued by fear and self-doubt. And although I had sought support, nothing really worked and I believed no-one could really help me. I felt alone in my inner turmoil and afraid. Eventually, at the tender age of 39, the recession saw my business that employed 50 staff close, requiring me to sell the family home, and the compound stress led to a difficult divorce and chronic fatigue syndrome that brought my life as I'd known it to a screeching halt. It was a very traumatic and painful time in my life.

The compound stress led to a difficult divorce and chronic fatigue syndrome that brought my life as I’d known it to a screeching halt.

It was then a long and costly journey to true self-awareness, self-care, inner peace and wellbeing for me but I can honestly say my life is now VERY different. I'm healthy, remarried, a grandmother and very happy! I have learned A LOT over the years about the impact of emotional trauma and want to help others to find that inner peace, power and passion too - the EASIER WAY! 

As a mentor and foster care mother for decades, I have seen people go through years of therapy and seemingly make no real progress, as I once did. Their early-life emotional traumas continue to prevent them from enjoying life and reaching the true potential I can see before them and I am dismayed by the suffering they endure.

Emotional trauma is tricky like that. It gets locked in the unconscious, and unfortunately many therapies can't go deep enough to remove it OR they re-traumatise the client in the process, which is WORSE!

That's why when I discovered The Richards Trauma Process a HUGE lightbulb came on for me. I just knew it was VERY different to anything else I'd ever seen. And now having worked with many different people, I am continually AMAZED at how fast and powerful this empowering and yet gentle process is across such a broad range of issues. I don't want anyone to have to go through the slow, expensive and painful processes I went through when there is such a BETTER ALTERNATIVE! I get such a huge buzz every time a client leaves my office having finally discovered the 'real them!', serene, at ease and totally empowered to create a very new life.

So if you are experiencing anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress, fears, phobias, chronic self-doubt or disappointment, negative patterns in relationships, a lack of love or fulfilment, PLEASE don't let that go on another minute! I want to help you. 

Click here to find out if TRTP is right for you. I really look forward to hearing from you!

Penny xo